First we wait, because this project does not really start until October 6th when you should crack open the book you are reading and start to read. We will set a schedule which can be seen on our wiki so follow that because you don't want to be behind or ahead, or at least, please don't share with others if you are ahead. That seems to diminish the experience. You choose when you read but get it done within the week.

I read aloud every day to my students but during the read aloud we take some extra time to work with the text. We predict, we dig deeper and then we start to ponder and analyze. My students blog about their predictions and their thoughts on quotes from the books. One student's thoughts from two years ago here can be viewed here.

The dates have been set with the project starting October 6th to November 14th, while you can start sooner or later than these dates please do not give away any information about the happenings of the book except for in the designated weeks.

Choose your book, new this year there are 4 different groups to belong to. I love reading the book before the project so I can think about what we will discuss, you may want to order your own copy and decide whether you want each student to have a copy as well.

The one best way to find someone to connect with is to join the Edmodo groups for teachers. In the past they were used to set up Skype connections, ask for ideas or support, and just general sharing. This is for teachers only, smaller Edmodo groups will be set up for students closer to the start date. Log in to Edmodo and enter in the code for the group you wish to join. If you are not sure how to do this please reach out.

Peter H. Reynolds Author Study Group on Edmodo
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane Group on Edmodo
The Fourteenth Goldfish Group on Edmodo
One For the Murphy's Group on Edmodo
The Fault in Our Stars Teacher Group on Edmodo

Check out the wiki, there is a lot of info from previous years, but it has been updated for this year. Browse through what happened last year to give you an idea of what you can do with the book. Speaking of our wiki, this is where you can showcase your students' work. Last year we scanned pictures, we created Animoto's and VoiceThread and put them all on the wiki for others to view and comment on. This was just another way for students to connect. I would often start our morning showing them something on our wiki to get them excited. We now have a Teacher's Help page on our wiki where people can share their activities and resources to inspire others, please add your ideas.

Follow the hashtag on Twitter #GRA14 and follow me on Twitter to stay updated @pernilleripp

And other than that, just relax, this project is what you make it out to be. The bottomline is connecting with others through a book, you decide how much time you want to dedicate to it and what you feel most comfortable with.

You decide what you want to do with this. The expectation is simple; your students should share the read aloud with other students. However you want to accomplish this is up to you. Some people have unlimited time, others very little, so make it your own. It should not be stressful, it should be a unique opportunity for you and your classroom. Reach out, connect, ask questions - I am here to guide anyone through that needs it.