Ivan Third Week pp.147-236

- Blog
  • o How is Ivan going to help…what do you think his plan is?
  • o What would your plan be

- Poster
  • o Make your own protest poster and speech
  • o Mock protest outside the school (read a couple speeches)??

Ms. Morgan's Gr. 5 class in Kitchener, ON really enjoys making visuals to go with this book. Here is just one of our Bitstrips - it captures how we all feel about Ivan!
Picture 2.png

In Mrs. Israelsen's 4th grade 21st Century Learning Class, we read some stories about unusual animal friendships. Here is a link to one of our favorite stories. What unusual animal friendships can you think of?

Mrs. Jones's Grade 5 class used wallwisher to make predictions based on the clues in the text.

Mr. Braman's Fifth Grade class in Kentwood, Michigan shared a little about what they think is going to happen in week 3. They used Today's Meet to backchannel during read aloud. Check out our wallwisher below!

The students in Gill-Ville sculpted characters and created stop motion animation videos using the "I Can Animate" app on the iPad. Here's one created by Jordan and Alex.

Greta Sandler's 5th Graders (5th Chestnut Tree) from Buenos Aires, Argentina left their thoughts and predictions on Ivan's plan on this linoit.

Mrs. Ramsay's fifth grade class in Fultondale, Alabama researched Ivan and his habitat. We discovered some real Ivan art. We had a lesson on abstract art and then create the following pieces with inspiration from the one and only Ivan.

Mrs. McKegney's fifth grade class from Chamberlin School in South Burlington, Vermont wrote from the characters' perspectives. They used inner meaning to bring the voice of the characters.

Mrs. Detterman's fourth grade class from Chamberlin School in South Burlington, Vermont created a video of their illustrations that they created from various important quotes from the characters in the book.

Mr. Braman's fifth graders have been visualizing what they see during our read alouds. Here is an Animoto of our representations so far!

Ms. Greta Sandler's 5th Graders have decided to join the protest. Here's an Animoto of their protest signs. (5th Chestnut Tree - Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Mrs. O'Connor's class used VoiceThread to explore some vocabulary words from the book that were tricky to read and understand.

Mrs. Lothian & Mrs. Greeno's class blabberized Ivan, Ruby and Bob. The students worked on "first person" perspective while writing their paragraphs. Here is a sample of the final product.
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