Ivan Second Week pp. 79-146

Second week (Pg. 79-146)
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  • o Ruby is asking a lot of questions about the mall – what would you ask Ruby about being an elephant / living in the jungle?

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  • o Stella – How do you feel about her dying?
  • o What did Ivan mean (pg. 160)
  • o Did she have a happy life? Why or why not/

Students in Mrs. Israelsen's 21st Century Learning Class at Hulstrom Options K-8 in Northglenn, Colorado drew some pictures of Ivan!

As we read more about Ivan last week, students in Div 3 in BC, Canada created charcoal drawings of Ivan.

After reading about Stella, our class decided a good way to express how they were feeling about her passing was to create a Voki. The students chose between making it of themselves or a character. Here are a couple of examples. You can see more by visiting the "A Look In Our Classroom Window" page on our class wiki at www.margsang.pbworks.com.
Mrs. Sanger's class, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

5th Chestnut Tree - Buenos Aires, Argentina made a video to share their predictions for Week 2.

Mr. Braman's Fifth Graders from Kentwood, Michigan posted a wallwisher to share predictions for week 2.

Mrs. Ramsay's 5th Graders from Fultondale, Alabama created this InstaCollage of the characters in Ivan.

Mrs. Gomboz's Third Grade Class Connecticut-Ivan description

Here are our predictions (Mrs. O'Toole's Class in Midlothian, VA)...

How could Ruby’s example of good people in the Africa who helped her out of the hole give clues to what will happen later in the story? What might happen?
Kayla-Maybe the Big Top Mall will make Ruby do a circus trick and Ruby may mess up. She may get hit by the claw stick. Ivan will help her do the trick.
Faith-Ruby will be doing tricks and when she messes up she will get hit with the claw stick. Ivan will help her. They will eventually find a way to escape and Ivan will take care of Ruby.
Olivia-George will buy or help them escape. Maybe they will be set free in the wild.

Mrs. O'Connor's Third Grade class from Ohio

Maddy's Prediction
external image gorilla.gif
Mrs. Ramsay's 5th graders from Fultondale Elementary School in Fultondale, Alabama created character trading cards using IRA's free ReadWriteThink trading card app. We wrote about them on our blog too.

tradingcard (4).jpg
tradingcard (1).jpg
tradingcard (2).jpg
tradingcard (3).jpg

tradingcard (5).jpg

Mrs. Jones's class from CT noticed some very important lines while we read about Ivan and Stella today. Below we recorded what has stood out to us as we read- in words and images. Our class would love for you to visit our blogs and comment on our posts. You can find us at

My students have created a video to share their thoughts and reflections after Week 2.
Greta Sandler (@gret) 5th Chestnut Tree - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mitchell Elementary from AL created drawings of Ivan while learning facts about Gorillas. They also illustrated some questions they would ask Ivan such as "Does he have any cool talents?" "Does he ever get out of his cage?"