Ivan Fourth Week pp. 237-300

The One and Only Ivan from Susan Wills on Vimeo.

R.A. Mitchell Elementary 5th grade students in Alabama learned many facts about gorillas.

Denver, Colorado just ran their 9th annual Gorilla Race to save Mountain Gorillas! Racers dress up like gorillas and run to make money for this wonderful cause.

Grade 5 Jedele from Flin Flon, Manitoba Canada predict what will happen to the characters of the book in Week Four.

Grade 4 from Denver, Colorado created Protest Posters like the ones used in the book to save educate people about Ivan and Stella in Glogster. Click on the links to see more!

Ms. Greta Sandler's 5th Graders from Buenos Aires, Argentina made their predictions for week 4!

Ms. Greta Sandler's 5th Graders also made these drawings inspired by Ivan.

Mrs. Burmeister's 4th Graders made single drawings to put together to complete the picture, like Ivan.

Ms. Thompson's Gr. 5/6 class in Saskatchewan, Canada made sketches of their favourite parts in the story!

Ms. Greta Sandler's 5th Graders in Buenos Aires, Argentina made a video to share their final thoughts and reflections on the book.

Mrs. Ramsay's fifth graders in Fultondale, Alabama travelled with three other classes to visit the Atlanta Zoo to see where Ivan lived and learn about him from the docents there. We hope you enjoy travelling with us to the (former) home of The One and Only Ivan.
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