Ivan First Week pp. 1-78

  • Watch book trailer at http://www.theoneandonlyivan.com
  • Make a prediction about what will happen in the story. (We posted our thoughts on Edmodo, and then commented on at least two other kids' posts. You could also do this in a blog post.)
  • Research five interesting facts about gorillas and post them in a blog.
  • Listen to K. Applegate introduce the book and read the first two pages (3 min.) http://www.teachingbooks.net/book_reading.cgi?id=7533&a=1

First week (Pg. 1-78)

Grade 4 students at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School in Ottawa, Ontario made an iMovie of our "Ivan" predictions.

  • Mrs. Kochakji's group from Wrightsville Beach School in North Carolina can't wait to read The One and Only Ivan!

Please enjoy our video of some pictures we drew representing the setting of the story.
Thanks to Ms. Gill for sharing the "How to draw a gorilla" website!
Mrs. Sanger's Class, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Try our video maker at Animoto.

See Discussion Questions from Harper Collins.

We are Mrs Dyck's Class a grade 4 class in Surrey, BC, Canada and this is our "6 word story" prediction Animoto. We also have a twitter feed and a blog at www.mrsdycksclass.weebly.com. Please visit us as we read this book.

This is our Animoto of other animals in cages and their thoughts. Mrs. Burmeister's 4th grade class in Neenah, Wisconsin

We are excited to meet you and discuss this book. This is our Animoto Digital Handshake Greeting! Mrs. Israelsen's 4th Grade 21st Century Learners in Colorado!

Mrs. Israelsen's 4th Grade 21st Century Learners also use the Gorilla drawing website to draw gorilla's!

We'll be busy connecting with all of you, please come visit and connect with us: http://pdsivansblog.blogspot.com/ We're from Poughkeepsie, NY, USA. Look forward to your contributions. :-)

Grade 5 class in Switzerland - I set up a blog that anyone can leave comments on to solve problem of kids needing passwords or special accounts to be able to access a lot of the shared sites. For safety I will approve comments before they're posted publically. Feel free to visit it with your students and add comments or reply to others' comments. I'm hoping we can get some discussion threads going on it! http://kidblog.org/5JB2012/

Ontario Grade 4 students created an Animoto to share their "I Wonders about Ivan". Follow us at http://kidblog.org/HobsonRm17 to share your "Wonders" too! We are from Ontario, Canada and look forward to sharing ideas with you soon!

October 1, 2012
Div 3 in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada made their predictions about Ivan using wallwisher after viewing the trailer.
ivan wall wisher.jpg

Ocean Cliff's Division 4 in White Rock, BC, Canada also made their predictions using wallwisher and as a group a tagxedo describing Ivan. We have also created a glogster for The One and Only Ivan.

A4Yrz_LCQAA6u95.jpg large.jpg

Gill-Ville began predicting what the story might be about. Here is our lino wall for predictions:

We also used this website to help us draw a gorilla. You might want to try it too!!

Poughkeepsie Day made some predictions after viewing the trailer:

5th Chestnut Tree from Buenos Aires, Argentina created a video to share some of their predictions.

Poughkeepsie Day School (Dorothy's 4-5) made a wordle cloud with words that described Ivan.

external image Ivan+wordle+copy.jpghttp://pdsivansblog.blogspot.com/

Mr. Braman's fifth grade class from Kentwood, Michigan watched this book trailer


and made some predictions about what we think will happen in the book.


Mrs. Bombard's Class created a word cloud based on the first few chapters of the book using Taxegdo . We are a 5/6 class from Ontario Canada gorillawordle.jpg

The beginning of a word cloud from Poughkeepsie, NY, USA. In David's 4-5 class, we hope that this is a start that evolves as we get more familiar with Ivan:

Here is our wordle, so far:
wordle for wiki describing Ivan.JPG
by D.Gillis's Grade 5/6 class (@inmyclassroom)

These are projects from Dorothy's 4-5 in Poughkeepsie Newyork:

.Wordle: The One And Only Ivan

Mrs. Jones' 5th grade class from Connecticut created a word cloud of Ivan related words based on our reading this week.


Mrs. O'Connell's 5th Grade class:

Ms. Roeder's 6th Grade class - What we think of Ivan so far.

Mrs. Jefferson's 6th grade class in South Carolina created a Characterization Wordle on Ivan.
The Grade 5 class of Ms. Young from Maple, Ontario, Canada made a Tagxedo word cloud with the character traits of Ivan we had written in our reader's workshop scribblers.

Ivan Tagxedo.jpg

At Chamberlin School in South Burlington, Vermont, we have four classes reading Ivan.

Fourth Grade, Mrs. Detterman's class created a video, below, that gave their thoughts after the following:
  1. Saw photos of the mall where Ivan lived and what his domain may have looked like
  2. Videos of "good" zoos such as San Diego Zoo and Cincinnati Zoo of gorillas in natural habitats
  3. Jane Goodall's videos from her foundation of Grace, rescued orphan in habitat and dangers from her life

After watching and discussing, students verbalized their reactions along with comments from reading the first 19 pages.

In fifth grade, two of the classes created wallwishers based upon reading the glossary and the first chapter of the book. We watched the book trailer
and the students gave their deep thoughts about Ivan's voice and his feelings.
Here they are below:

<iframe src='http://wallwisher.com/embed/ParkerFifth' frameborder='0' width='100%' height='480px' style='border 1px solid #999999'></iframe>

<iframe src='http://wallwisher.com/embed/ParkerFifth1' frameborder='0' width='100%' height='480px' style='border 1px solid #999999'></iframe>

<iframe src='http://wallwisher.com/embed/IvanMCK' frameborder='0' width='100%' height='480px' style='border 1px solid #999999'></iframe>

The third class will examine the epigraph and provide meaning of it based upon the book and we will highlight them tomorrow.

Mrs. O'Toole's Classstella image.png

We loved seeing all the ones already on the blog. We were inspired to create our own for Stella. Enjoy and happy reading!

Our Favourite Characters

Greta Sandler (@gret) 5th Chestnut Tree - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We collected our adjectives last week, but put them together this week! -- Miss Rajewski's 6th grade in Shawnee, KS
Ivan adjectives.PNG

Character Traits for Ivan by Ms. Mitchell's 5th Grade Classes from Mars, Pennsylvania

Character Traits Tagxedo.jpg

Character Traits for Ivan by Ms. Mitchell's 5th Grade Classes from Mars, Pennsylvania

This is a Wallwisher with thoughts from Mrs. Young's 4th grade class in the SF Bay Area in California. We are enjoying Ivan so much!

We have been working to create mental images (mind pictures) while listening to The One and Only Ivan. We drew pictures of what we see in our mind. These pictures and words are by Mrs. Simmons' first grade students at Columbus Academy in Ohio.