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Learning 2nd Graders in Denver

Colorado, USA Present Flat

Stanley Voicethread Adventures

with Mrs. Israelsen!

 - Check out our Wiki from Skipwith Elementary school! Mrs. Kidhardt's third grade class from Bowmansville, Pa has enjoyed skyping and sharing with Mrs. Chism's class in Eugene, Oregon.

One of our Final Projects was making a Photo Story this week! Click on this link to find a Flat Stanley Photo story from Miss Kolis's Room 5 Readers -

Flat Stanley's New Adventures at Hilton School by Mrs. Pagel's Second Graders

Chapter 5 Flat Hula Adventure from Denver Colorado Mrs. Israelsen and Mrs. Harris 2nd Grade

Here are a couple Vokis speaking from a character's point of view. Can you figure out which characters from the story these vokis represent?From Mt. WashingtonElementary, KY

Check out our Voki's at this site
Mrs. Asberry's 3rd grade class at Mt. Washington, Ky
Here is one from our class. Can you guess which character it is?

Mrs. Schmidt's 3rd Grade ClassSt. Ignatius SchoolYardley, PAHope you enjoy our Flat Stanley stories!

Flat Stanley Play3rd Grade Mt. Washington Elementary, KY