Charlotte's Web Second Week

Here's what we were planning for Week 2 of the GRA and Charlotte's Web (from Brecksville, Ohio)-

Here are the activities and things we actually did during Weeks 2 and 3 of the GRA with Charlotte's Web (from Brecksville, OH)-

Oct 6 This weekend my students (in Surrey, BC, Canada) have taken home their own "flat wilbur". They will be taking pictures of him around their community and we will be sharing those pictures with a class in Manhattan via snail mail. What a great way for us to start Charlotte's Web Second Week.

Oct.16. We are several chapters behind but enjoying the book. Room 13 Terrific Turtles in Cambridge, Ontario created this wall on wallwisher today after reading Chapter 7.

At Chamberlin School, in South Burlington, Vermont, our second grade students from Mrs. Boudreau's class created a blog comparing Charlotte from Charlotte's Web to Molly Lou Melon from Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon. Here are their first blog postings.