Charlotte's Web First Week

A note from Class 515, Leman Manhattan Preparatory School:

This week we contacted Ms. Lireman's first grade class in Surrey, BC. We found out some things in comparing and contrasting our cities. We created "Wilburs" (see below) and are taking pictures with them this weekend in front of our favorite places in New York City. We will send them to Ms. Lireman's class and they will do the same and send us theirs! We can't wait to Skype with them after they receive our Snail Mail pigs!

Mrs. Madonna and Ms. Leveson's First Grade Class


Our Week 1-

Week One Review- GRA 2012- Charlotte's Web- from Brecksville, Ohio-

Week One Planning- GRA 2012- Charlotte's Web- from Brecksville, Ohio -

Charlotte's Web First Chapter

October 1
I wasn't sure what to do with the prediction part of the story when I hat all but 2 of my students have seen the Charlotte's Web movie. Then after we started reading, I thought about the titles of the chapters. We talkeo sd about the first chapter being called " Before Breakfast" and the students made predictions about the chapter. It worked great and so for the second chapter we will do the same. I'll write about how we are recording our predictions once I think of what tool I am going to use to record with. I am thinking about a screenshot idea. Hmmm... any other suggestions? Mrs. Fisher's Grade 2's
October 2
Here's what we did today. The children predicted what they thought Chapter 2, " Wilbur" would be about.

Charlottes Web Chapter 2 Wilbur.jpg


external image mzl.ifyikoar.175x175-75.jpg

We have used VoiceThread before on the computer which is a great tool. It did take a little setting up time which I know is precious as a teacher. We are using iPads in our classroom and so I thought I would try the app for voicethread--which is free by the way. Wow---what a great choice!!! It is so so so simple and the children loved it. We talked about what our favorite part of the chapter was and we predicted what we thought would happen in the next chapter. We've been talking about adding details to our writing at writing time and so it just made sense to give feedback to our voicethread. The children all talked about how we could make the voicethread better by adding detail when they talked into the voicethread. I wish I could share their responses. It emails it to me and I could forward that to anyone interested but there isn't another way to share it that I can see. The voicethread has audio and video and is well worth checking out. What a great week. Grade 2 Fisher

Hi, At Chamberlin, in South Burlington, Vermont, we just created a Primary Wall with the second graders. We brainstormed the names of the characters in the book and then thought of their characteristics. On each computer, they created a sticky note with the name of the character, the characteristic, and the evidence of that characteristic. Here it is to share with you:

Loved your stickies! I will be using something similar using our shool's character education traits.

Hello from Surrey, British Columbia Canada. Today my class made prediction re Charlotte's Web with Mrs. Wideen's class in Windsor, Ontario. You can see a few photos of our skype session here.

Here are some preliminary thoughts on Charlotte's Web that the grade 2/3 and grade 5/6 Reading Buddies at our school came up with using Voki. Please click here

Sharing chapter 5 with four classes at once via google hang out. You can read and see photos about it here.